Data Privacy Statement / EU GDPR (EN)

The responsible individual for the Data Privacy Statement is the operator of this web site as stated in the Impressum.

Information Retrieval and Storage

When accessing this web site, the servers at the back-end will automatically retrieve general information about your visit, among them the type and version of your web browser, your operating system, the domain of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your IP Address and similar information.

This information does not allow any insight on your identity, except the IP Address if requested via your ISP. The information retrieved is required to guarantee the communication between your web browser and the server hosting this site.

Server-side, log files are written that contain this information as well. Our provider (STRATO AG, Germany) does not provide this information to us, their client, but instead obscures the IP Addresses when sending us log files.

In addition, the software used to operate this web site (WordPress) has the ability to recognize and store IP Addresses of our visitors. This feature has been disabled for this web site, your IP Address will be obscured and the obscured information will be saved to our database. At no point, non-obscured data is stored anywhere in our systems and we have no technical means to circumvent the obfuscation at a later point in time.

All other data such as your country, your browser, your operating system, and the time of access are logged for statistical means and allow us to tailor the content of this site to the needs of our users.

Registering with us

The feature to register on this web site has been disabled. At no point in time you are asked to provide personal data (and matter of fact, there is no place for you to do so).


The feature to comment on our posts and pages has been disabled. If you would like to contact us, please use the eMail address given in the Impressum.

Your Rights

Next to the aforementioned technical information, no personal data is recorded by this web site.

By using our service and this site, you are accepting this general statement as “Information” in the sense of the GDPR. You may still direct a request to us but any request to correct, erase, block or object to the storage of your personal data are neglected by the fact that there is no personal data or your’s stored on our site.

Change to the Data Privacy Statement

As the provider of this web site, we retain the rights to improve our services. This may include an update to the Data Privacy Statement. As such, for each returning visit to our web site, the then current Data Privacy Statement is in effect and accepted by you.

(Date: March 24, 2018)